"We Are Plagued By the Comforts We Invent" (forthcoming, The Midnight Oil)

"A Tour of the White House with Mrs. John F. Kennedy" and "Ghost Town Sonnet" (forthcoming, JuxtaProse)

"Ariel Redux," Glass: A Journal of Poetry 

"When I Say There is No Way to Talk About JonBenét Ramsey," Best New Poets 2018 (order here!)

"& Clyde," "In Which Kylie Jenner Keeps a Secret," and "Why I Waited to Report," Split Lip Magazine (print)

"body parts to give away" and "Poseidon," Gingerbread House

other publications


"Delicious Boundary: Sex and Contradiction in If the Future Is a Fetish by Sarah Sgro," Pleiades, forthcoming

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